10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, June 30, 2008

"if you don't get your period soon we're going to have to open up a vein."

I'm right now eating potato chips for dinner and I'm going to follow it up with a cookie, go ahead...call the food police. I dare you. Anyway, hi. How cool is it that I can put "accordion" into a box and my blog has a slideshow of accordion pictures, I love it...technology rocks. I'm totally doing geese next, or gaggle, what do you think you get if you type "gaggle" into flickr. I'm devoted to finding out so check back tomorrow.

I just got one of my heads in the mail and it's itty bitty. Which is probably a good thing considering the number of heads I ordered. I should take up voodoo and shrink them all. I'd have so much more room in my house if I were a voodoo priestess, seriously. It's a goal to work toward.

Right now it's very hot in my house and that cookie didn't cool me down at all. Should've had a popsicle. Or a shower. Or an air conditioner maybe. I'm a bit of a stream of consciousness mood right now, no really, and I also sort of wish I didn't have chips for dinner because now I sort of want to die. And this is why you don't post twice in one day. Potato chips for dinner and voodoo, I should've just got drunk.


Lauren said...

Maybe I missed something, but at the moment I'm confused and frightened about why you are receiving heads in the mail.

Amy said...

a few posts back a broke a precious antique and then went on an ebay binge buying spree. the heads are legit, i swear.

Kyra said...

OH man, I just went ebay nuts too! I have no idea what came over me! (Think they got to us while we were sleeping?)

Amy said...

I'm going to be dead broke between ebay and itunes. I'm like 5 years behind the trend here.