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Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'll try for a quiet rage"

It's been a while since I posted last, I've been busy dying of an ear infection. Can an ear infection actually kill you or does it just drive you slowly mad? So far crazy and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. It's not horrible pain, just really annoying. It's kept from being able to sit down and concentrate but it hasn't kept me from rearranging my furniture. It's amazing how moving your things around makes your house so different. I moved kitty's favorite chair and I'm expecting a furry rebellion any minute. I replaced it with Matt's childhood desk to keep me typing properly until I find something or Matt builds something or whatever. I spent the whole weekend getting organized and also baking cupcakes. I'm going away again this weekend so I have to set up the house for bachelorhood. Cupcakes and frozen pizza, his is a glamourous life.

I'm going to visit some friends before one of them moves coasts. I can't wait. To celebrate I'm going to pick up a new camera. I'm thinking the Pentax K10d. I love my ancient film Pentax and the digitals have great reviews. If anyone has one I'd love to hear what they think of it.

I'd love to know how many of you are camera freaks and filmmakers. Some nice folks at Lipton contacted me recently about a new promotion that could win one of you a fancy new bike. I'm a tea freak so you know I was all over it. They're promoting their new white tea, which I love. I'll be posting about the details soon, as soon as I can think and hear again. It's hard to work on your blog with your head exploding from the inside out. More tomorrow with antibiotic goodness.


The Fat Foreigner said...

Sucks that your feeling bad, hope it get's better soon!

Amy said...

the word they kept using was puss, unfortunately.