10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, February 25, 2008

"Brace the gate!"

Amongst my continuing efforts to ge a grown up I've started washing my face properly every night. I'm using special fancy face soap and everything. I'm also using special night face cream because I have apparently gone wild with my itty amount of disposable income. If I'm honest about it I have to admit that all this work and product nonsense has really made a difference. My skin is better off under the new regime. What gets me about the whole thing is the name of the moisturizer; fortifying night cream. Every night I feel like I'm fighting the battle of Helms Deep and the Orcs are about to breach the keep. It's very swordy, my imagination. I suppose I should be greatful for anything that holds my interest in such a mundane task. That and the glowing nubile skin.

I'm still enjoying my 173 and change but I didn't get even a minute of planned exercise this week. I walked all over the mall though, that must count for something. It's weird to have to buy casual clothes and you know, I hardly need mention, that there was nothing worth buying. Lovely office wear of course. I give myself permission to spend on casual wear for work and lo and behold the gap is all pink khakis and horizontal stripe sweaters. I also did something monumentally stupid to one of my two pairs of fitting jeans...I painted a door wearing them. The jeans now feature the unique Ralph Lauren blue splatter pattern to be seen on all runways this spring. So I started the weekend looking for outfits and actually finished with fewer options than I started with. Wooh!


HappyBlogChick said...

Sunday I went shopping and came away with NOTHING. Hello? Where are the cute clothes?

Gotta hate the paint splattered jeans. Maybe you can convince people you're an eccentric but brilliant artist, and they'll be all impressed and follow your fashion lead.

Amy said...

That's a very positive spin you put on my stupidity.