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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sleepy in New Jersey

I'll be leaving in about two hours. Trying to avoid the worst of the NYC traffic. Have a strong urge to sell my car for a plane ticket, but there's no way it's worth that much money. And then how would I get all my crap from Ikea home? It's not a practical solution to not having to drive 9 hours. I have the feeling my master plan of avoiding the New York traffic will land me right in the middle of the Boston traffic. I have to admit I feel more comfortable traversing Boston at rush hour, atleast in Boston I can figure out the drivers. I had assumed that people in Jersey drove faster and had less patience but I'm wrong. I, with the pine cone and tassle plate, was the only one moving along wondering what the parameters of criminal speeding are in this state. In Maine if you go 25 over the limit they just arrest you, but then it's not like we have a lot of crime.


MayQueen said...

So, um, how did I not notice that you're beginning sentences with capital letters until just now?

pinky pinkerson said...

oh man - I have a similar problem with my parents living right near an IKEA, and I do not. But it is way too far to drive where they live. So hmmm. Although they may be stopping by here in a few months, perhaps I can persuade them into picking up a few things for me and fitting them into their car.

Amy said...

I don't know dear, it's been a while.

I'm always having holly bring me stuff, a couch here, a lighting fixture there. They have really cool baby stuff and cheap which works because babies have this bad habit of growing all the damn time.