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Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Strong, successful males say 'giddy'?"

i'm bored out of my gourd. and i can't think of another sentence that rhymes. i had something with a fyord but it just didn't feel right. and i think the milk in my instant breakfast has past it's prime. and i totally didn't bake matt's cake last night. so i have to do it tonight with all the other things i've procrastinated and i really hope the recipe doesn't call for milk.

on the upside i look really cute today. all the clothes i bought this weekend are perfect. the sort of things that only pop up once in a while and are exactly what you're looking for and mysteriously come around all at once so you feel like a jerk spending so much money in one go. i'm trying really hard not to feel like a jerk. surprisingly not one thing is black. i passed up about 20 perfect black skirts because i just don't need 20 perfect black skirts. it's very mature of me i think, not buying a bunch of stuff i don't need just because it fits. clearly, i'm growing. the bargain bag of hello kitty lunch bags not-withstanding. (and wow, i have no idea how to punctuate that. tres sad.)

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