10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"It involves a feather boa and the theme to A Summer Place. I can't discuss it here."

my scale this morning said 171 which means maybe the laissez faire thing has gone a bit too far. time to get back to ye olde routine. in the spirit of which i went for a jog last night. a paltry one miler because i died right on the side of the highway. i had half a mind to hitch back. i usually jog first thing in the morning and after last week i thought i'd be inspired to get up early and do it before work. and then it rained every single morning. which isn't a problem in itself, it's the darkness. it's hard to be inspired at 5 am when it's freezing and raining and dark.

yesterday afternoon the sun finally came out and i was inspired when i got home. so i ran and it was really nice, until my knee fell off. it was getting a sore last week and i thought well obviously it's because you've never run 8 miles in a week before, ever, obviously things might be a little sore. and then last night pow! now it feels a bit better but it's making a clicking sound and it's awful going up stairs. of course this morning it was gorgeous and i wanted to go out only OW so i couldn't. i might try a walk tonight, i'm a little worried i'll genuinely hurt myself if i push it.

in opposition of the scale, i've noticed some "wow, i'm getting smaller" things. my class ring is getting huge. or, my finger is getting skinny. last night i almost lost it in a grocery bag and just missed paying for 14 carat broccoli. mental note to buy a ring guard. it's strange how some places lose weight, i never thought my fingers were that fat.

also to buy, new brassieres. which i am loathing. while i was on vacation i stopped into victoria secret to "look" and tried on a few things. i have a suspicion i've changed sizes again and i can never remember how high they go.* things have changed a bit since the last time i went in and they have sort of big breast section in the back, around a corner. so i grabbed a few and tried them on only to see that wow, these really don't fit. so i put everything back and was walking out before i realized i picked a complete set of the wrong damn size. the 36's didn't fit because i'm not a 36 yet. i should have been looking for 38D to replace the 38DD i currently have that is getting too large. i was too pissed to go back, maybe next weekend. maybe i'll take my brain with me.

all of my belts are getting too big too. i have a pile waiting for matt to give them new holes. maybe they'll just end up at goodwill. i've got the feeling i'll be parked at size 12 for a while which makes me think i should pick up another pair of pants. i was holding out for size 10 before getting a new wardrobe. i really didn't want to stay at 12 forever but there are things i'd like to work on beyond just getting to size 10. pilates, pain part 2, is still kicking my ass. i want to focus on working my core and the running. i'm thinking there would be more merit in a smokin' hot size 12 versus a paranoid size 10. but probably i'll change my mind when i get there, or tomorrow. or five minutes from now. behold the ever-evolving theory of a fatblog.

*how matt hates this store, he doesn't understand why a store dedicated to breasts caters to women who don't have any. i don't either for that matter.


The Fat Foreigner said...

he doesn't understand why a store dedicated to breasts caters to women who don't have any

best line ever.

Amy said...

he really gets very upset about it, like he doesn't know what the world's coming to.

Debbi said...

For your knee, you might want to try a patella strap, a one- or two-inch ace bandage type wrap that you wear just under your kneecap. I think you can get them in the foot health section of most drugstores, and sporting goods stores usually have them, too. That clicking sound is annoying and scary, but the strap helps.

I haven't been in VS for years. Mostly because we don't have any here in the Middle of nowhere. Heh.

Amy said...

thanks debbi, i've been thinking about that. just a little support for it when i'm running, i'll look out for it!

TOWR said...

As much as I hate to endorse Lane Giant, she does have some good bras. I recommend the balconnet. Heaven save me for pushing money her way...

I can't wait until my clothes start getting to big again! You've inspired me. :)

Amy said...

i used to get bras there, now that i have more choices i usually take advantage. that and they canceled my favorite style. i just don't get why they put padding in 38dd or larger, hello?

Jennette Fulda said...

I have some rings that I wore on my index finger when I was fat that now only fit on my thumb. It's crazy. I wish I'd taken close-up pictures of my hands before I started. I didn't know I'd lose so much weight there.