10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, June 25, 2007

"But I haven't spent any money. I was all... dead and frugal."

you know it's going to be a good day when you start off with an offer from glamour shots for an airbrush makeover. there's just not enough glamour shots in my life and the cosmos knew it. very good sign. and now i'm ticking off the minutes until noon. not that it's so desperate. she either needs something for a specific event, or she has a place for me to bake. either way i'll have an ally for whatever i decide to do in the future. very exciting. and i'm having this feeling that i use that word much too frequently and i maybe need a thesaurus.

so, anyway, obviously...we're drowning in baked goods at my house. some that i made with absolutely no intention of taking to lunch, strictly out of some need to cream butter and sugar and stick it in an oven. i made cupcakes for matt's lunchbox because i'm just that stepford, i made caramel oat bars because we had both oats and heavy cream that just ached to made into something, and the chocolate cherry chip cookies to actually take to lunch. the baking coincided with cleaning out the cupboards. it seems i'm making genuine headway into the apocolypse hoard, as there was lots of empty space to clean and reassign. i get such pleasure out of being so anal, i sort of wish i was a little more ocd so my house would be cleaner. i got out my sharpie and dated everything unmarked, and then arranged my dry goods both alphabetically and by date. don't you wish you lived with me, i know you do.

despite drowning in sugar, 169 post hormones. not too shabby. it was mostly beautiful weather but i didn't make it out for a walk. which means i chose to sit on my ass and date cans of beans instead of exercising. things on the road were getting a little dicey, i keep almost getting run over by right to life mobiles and i'm just dying of irony. i didn't get out the door earlier enough to beat the worst of the traffic and matt wasn't around this weekend to cart me to the emergency room, so i chose to stay in. and honestly, when you let your house get as dirty as i do mine, it's work to clean it up again. cardio with the softscrub is nothing to laugh at, my arms are killing me today with the scrubbing with the stirring.

almost off to lunch and giddy with the nerves. thank god i don't drink coffee.


MayQueen said...

I do wish I lived with you ;)

Amy said...

me too! i keep thinking if i open a b&b you can live there and write and i'll feed you and probably pay you and you'll be happy as long as you don't need medical attention.