10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, June 01, 2007

"bourbon! how much bourbon?"

i said i'd be posting pictures only the weather sucks. i've had a few fabulous runs early in morning and then five minutes later the skies go black for the rest of the day. every single day. it's weird. that and the roadkill which really seems to be expanding exponentially while i've been home. and i'm thinking no one wants pictures of that. but anyway i'm enjoying the running. and the pilates. i sarted up the second video and OH MY GOD. it's amazing and painful and i'm totally hooked. exercise and sado masochism are like "this" close, seriously.

so i'm totally not making any sense and probably i should get back to not doing anything. which sounds great on the surface but on day five you really want a hobby. i'm thinking clog dancing. who wouldn't want pictures of that?


i i eee said...

Ha! I used to be a clogger! I've got PLENTY of pics of that!

I just did something recently that always seems shameful: I ordered something off of TV. I got one of those fluidity bars and it's pretty freaking cool. Talk about sadomasochism! But it feeeels goood!

(This is meta, by the way.)

Amy said...

glad you're back!