10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, May 04, 2007

"who died and made you Elvis"

i just spent a wee sum at gap.com. they send you these damn coupon codes and then you go online and poke around and you end up buying a gorgeous asymetrical belt that won't even hold your pants up. but you have to spend x to get free shipping so you buy some t-shirts too. and then you're upset about it even though you click submit order and just this morning you put on your last clean gap t-shirt and you thought gee i could use some more for the summer. but the point is that it's the company's fault that i like their t-shirts and useless bits of leather. and i know i'm supposed to be mad at them because their sister old navy is ditching plus sizes in their stores but i'm just not. every time i go to my local (and also very small) old navy the (very large) plus section is over run with clearance. it's probably terrible rude to say that 80% of the women i see every day in bangor are overweight, but it's also true. and they're not shopping at old navy, atleast not in the plus section. old navy's bread and butter is volume, maybe they really do get more sales online.

i totally forgot about popcorn by the time i got home last night and then i caught the top of my last post and whoops! now i want some again. if i had a better memory i'd be way fatter. i do remember that we made plans to get mexican tonight. we're going to the place with the tiny flan and i'm very excited. they do a reasonable set menu with the whole works and itty bitty desserts and every time we go i wonder why we don't go more often. which only backs up my theory about short term memory and my ass.

what else, oh, i finally have a menu and a very long shopping list for the whole rocket man thing. i've left nothing up to chance. i'm sort of interested to see how well i do. i've been trying to build a mantra for myself that i really want this. i want to make it work and there's no reason i can't give it a week. i know it's two weeks but i'm trying to take it one week at a time. i'm going to see what works with week one before i do the week two menu. in all honesty i'm not changing that much from my normal fare. the biggest change is the protein, which i've been rambling on about needing to fix but hadn't actually done yet.

and then, the exercise. what good is a stricter eating plan if i spend all my time on the couch thinking about cupcakes? i've taken to jogging in place at home. i started running on the road on weekend mornings, which is awesome and hard and very hilly, but after work and dinner and dishes it's still too dark. so when i'm tired of stepping, i jog in place like a demented richard simmons on a loop. what can i say, it's working for me at the moment. it keeps me from sitting on my butt while i'm watching angel and MI-5. that's the important part to me, the sweating. anything is better than sitting still, no?


A said...

I love Gap T-shirts too! They are a staple in my closet every summer. Well, more than just a staple they are my wardrobe. How sad is that? I need to get some style. Maybe after I lose the weight. I'm the kind of person that will NOT buy new clothes until I lose weight. The problem with that? I haven't bought any new clothes in a VERY long time!

Amy said...

i think spending a certain amount on your wardrobe before you're skinny is important, like a little confidence boost to keep going.

Unknown said...

Wow, that brings back old memories. I remember going into an extremely small GAP in Pleasant Hill, CA back in the 1970's when I was a teen. Now I buy my clothes at WalMart and Chicos!

I fall for the Free Shipping offers too! But at Amazon...I just love shopping.

Vickie said...

I jogged in place - on the low impact pad things - at Curves for a very, very long time. I built up my endurance that way - and got to the point that I could run (in place) for 30-45 minutes and sweat like a pig. IT was a great place to do it - music was on - lots of people to gab with. If I had a pad thing - I can see watching TV that way at home. I am not a runner (bad lower back and very bad knees) - but fast walk now - inside track at gym and outside.

I love your blog - I check in most every day to see what's new. Thanks for sharing.

pinky pinkerson said...

If you are wearing a 12, you have no reason to be mad at Old Navy - you aren't a plus size. I think the whole pulling the plus sizes is stupid - they were never in any stores near me, but I think they just never promoted them especially well. ON sizing is all over the map - in many ways they suck, but I like cheap, cute basics, so I'll keep buying stuff there.

Fat people in your store is not sexy. Let's relegate them all to online, where they don't have to be seen. There are more and more fat people in the world. It would be nice if they could actually try on their clothes.

Amy said...

it's a mystery why they launched a line they obviously had no intention of seeing through.