10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Jesus was not a zombie. I shouldn't have to tell you that."

welcome to the wonderful world of random!

my scale read 168 this morning and i didn't have to move it around for ten minutes to get there. not that i'd ever do that. ahem.

i think i left a comment yesterday somewhere that was fucked up. i meant to say "the elephant in the room" and i think i might have said "the white elephant in the room". it's hemingway tourrettes.

the cupcake site didn't update yesterday and i was really sad. practically despondent. what can i say, i like the pictures.

someone yesterday said "on the diet" in quotes and it's still making me laugh. are you "having the sex?" "are you doing the drugs?" sarah, please remind me where this came from.

i have an insatiable craving for a veggie bagel sandwich from sheetz like we used to get in the middle of the night in college. which means it's almost time for vacation in Frederick. i'm looking forward to it. and frozen custard. and seeing my friends. and probably more eating. i'm not sure how it's all going to work out because everyone's lives are changing and i might have to get a hotel room. growing up can be such a trial. and expensive. i'm a cheap bitch, aren't i? maybe if i have to pay to stay i won't eat my way up and down market street. but then what's the point of going? clearly i still have "the issues". le sigh.


MayQueen said...

"Are doing the pot? Are you on the drugs?" It's from a Kevin Meaney routine. I learned it back when Comedy Central used to have the stand-up clip shows on all the time.

Mal said...

grammatical oddities that make me giggle every time:

-- well-placed air quotes
-- generous use of the word "the"
-- randomly capitalized letters for emphasis, as in "how about we just stop The Madness?"

so. are we "on The Diet" today or what?

Amy said...

i love kevin meany, he's my "boyfriend".

and yes, we are on "the diet". but i'm a cheater. a south beach fraud. an oasis, if you will. i eat tiny amounts of ice cream and i like it. tina yothers can bite me.