10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

riding alpacas and wearing wax mustaches

down another pound today. ye olde 171. i had written this thing about brownies and jobs and well, i didn't read the fine print and i'm missing some of the required skills. thus, no applying. so i'm bringing 3/4 of my brownie over to matt. i figure i deserve atleast the crunchy edge because i was all ready to type those resumes, per the deal i made with myself. i suppose i could go out and buy all the software they want proficiency in on the off chance they ever call me. but since they've never once called me before on the 50 resumes i've sent the last 4 years, i'm not going to waste my time. things happen fast, don't they? whoosh.

so what else is going on. happy to be back at 171, always a good crowd. heh. it's just like every other time, i work all week to get here and this weekend we have a birthday party with my family. it's not the party that will be the problem, it's the traveling and eating on the road. and the coldstone creamery a block from my dad's house. it's going to have to be a will power weekend. i have a salad pre-packed for every day this week, maybe i'll make some for the weekend too. we always intend to bring a cooler to stock up at trader joe's anyway, this could be the start of a very good habit.

it's worth the trouble if i can start next week where i leave this one. i'm pretty much convinced that if i can hold 171 for a week i'll be on my way somewhere. it's been a month and a half of ups and downs since my last visit to the doctor, when i weighed 170 on my home scale. that's sort of a long time, and yeah things sucked, but they don't suck anymore and i'd really like to stick it this time. if i have to pack salads in a cooler to do it, it's a small price to pay. skipping our traditional bertucci's run will be a bit more difficult. we love so many restaurants that don't exist here. maybe i could just lick a slice or two.


MayQueen said...

Road food sucks. Every time we went from MD to the Frozen North and back I ate three-and-a-half pounds of carbs.

p.s. I have ze robots in ze ovaries.

Amy said...

if reins was on the way i'd give up the cooler.

Mal said...

I adore reading your blog. I try to make my comments pertinent to the entry, but in this case I have to just say that I've been in a bit of a slump the past two weeks and I really look forward to reading what you write. That is all, soldier. Carry on.