10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Q and R and S and T are wearing clothes much too tight"

i went and bought more jeans this weekend. more size 12's. and some capris. which i haven't come to terms with completely but it was summer this weekend and i have to move into the 20th century sometime. bare naked ankles! anyway, the cool thing about these 12's is that they fit. the ones i bought months ago, they still don't fit. i mean, they button. so it could be worse, but they're still not on the town jeans. the new ones though, they must be a sturdier fabric. they really stand up to the strain of my ass. it's heroic really. they're what i imagine jeans made of whalebone would be like. firm yet flattering. maybe it's a fatgirl thing but i can never get enough of whalebone jokes. got corset? ha.

i am, as ever, excited about my weekend purchases. with all my gift cards the two pairs of jeans only cost 14 dollars. so it doesn't go completely against my no new clothes policy. there's a cheap clause in there, for drastic sale situations. i ended up with some shoes too, another gift card, and a ton of food at trader joes. some almond cookies i really didn't need, and a ton of vegetables. some heavenly plums and some meyer lemons i chose in a fit of martha stewart. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with those...i'll have to check out her mag. i know for sure there's a meyer lemon cake in january. there's absolutely nothing on allrecipes. i bet they'd make some killer lemonade if nothing else, that's probably the low cal recipe of choice but lemon cake...that's hard to resist. i'm feeling more every day like i need a circle of old ladies to feed cake to. i should really take up bridge. or mah jong.

i don't really want to talk about it, but the scale returned to 173 this morning. which is just foolishness. or it would be if i wasn't going to mention the truly adorable employees at wendy's in bangor. we stopped friday night because my mood was pretty foul and also we were hungry and didn't have much time. but these guys, they were cute and nice and seemed to genuinely like working at wendy's. it was all boys and there were some hip looking ones and some dork looking ones (which might be the same thing for all i know about modern teen culture) and they were planning a get together between customers. we were touched. and then the next morning the dunkin' donuts guy gave us a baker's dozen because one of the jelly's was small. it was a fastfood karma weekend. maybe my scale wasn't fooled after all.


A said...

I'm LMAO at the comment about your jeans being heroic. I have the same problem and have resorted to -gulp!-stretchy fabric jeans. You know the kind that stretches way out around your waist then your tugging at the all day? I really need to start my diet!

Amy said...

i'm always having to reming myself that all jeans are not created equal. try, try and try on again.