10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"I've Googled 'til I just can't Google no more."

that's not what i had intended to write about today. i was thinking i could talk about how mad i am that the hormones a'cometh right when i'm all ready to rock and are farking up my scale, or the latest fire in my kitchen which is a perennial favorite, or how i dropped a carton of pete and gerry's organic eggs in my kitchen and now i need a recipe that uses 6 eggs. accidentally telling the world wide web you're getting married can be so distracting. speaking of which, i can't wait to tell matt about it and watch him twitch. what's love for if you can't torment your beloved for your own amusement.

i hadn't really settled on a topic, they're all so exciting. i really love buying new bamboo kitchen utensils and then leaving them near the gas range. who thought it would only take a month for the first fire to pop up. and matt said "maybe we should get a fire alarm". yeah babe, maybe we should get on that.

the hormones and the scale are pretty self explanatory. and yet every month i forget and i spend a few days feeling like a bad, bad dieter. i moved the scale around looking for a better spot for five minutes before i remembered that it's not the scale, it's the ass. and the water retention. i'm always so willing to believe that i gained 3 pounds in a day. it's amazing more people don't cop to shooting jfk, all the guilt we carry around.

oh, and the eggs. two seconds after telling matt the groceries were delicate, i let the bag fall off the chair. ca-thunk crash crack. i'm way too cheap to let pricey organic eggs get tossed, so all the reasonably not too nasty ones got cracked into a tupperware bowl. which should be fine for a day or so. only thing is i put six in one bowl. whoops. i know you can mix it up and then divide by six or three or whatever (here comes the dread kitchen math again) but that sucks. i really wanted a recipe that asks for six eggs. and can i tell you not even quiche wants six eggs. i could make a ridiculous chocolate cake, but that's not really in the spirit of the diet.

my options are to make three times the recipe of cookie dough and freeze it or i can guesstimate two eggs and make a rum cake that freezes well with the other four. i haven't decided yet. i had intended to make a rum cake anyway, because we have a lot of rum around (i don't know why, neither of us drinks it) and freezing it would keep me from taste testing. i have to decide today because i don't know how long eggs are good out of their native habitat. and i don't really want to eat scrambled eggs for five hours on end. not that there's anything wrong with that. except the puking. could there be a worse time for the what to bake with these rich calorie laden ingredients challenge?


Jennette Fulda said...

Here's a frittata recipe that requires 6 eggs. Mmm, I love frittatas.

Weight Master said...

It always happens like that with me. I'll tell someone to be careful, and then I'll be the one to screw things up.

Amy said...

thanks! i did think frittatas, omelets, but i'd have to eat the whole thing myself. matt won't touch eggs. i love allrecipes too, i'll save that idea for when i have some egg eating company. that's a good one because there's no meat in it. you can always cut the meat out but so many of the recipes are sort of bland without the meat. better to have a recipe you don't have to edit half of.

Lisa said...

What about French Toast? Or a French Toast casserole. Both use a lot of eggs and you could freeze the french toast and reheat it in small servings. There's always custard too. I can't think of anything diet-friendly, though, that would contain 6 eggs! They all seem to be dessert-ish!

Amy said...

oooh, custard. i hadn't thought of that. there isn't much diet friendly. frittatta would be if i didn't have to eat it all myself. that makes the freezing important.

MayQueen said...

And because I just can't not do it

What? Six eggs?!