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Thursday, March 29, 2007

"My mom's making her famous call to the Chinese place."

so...i was a moose accident on the highway last night. we stopped at wendy's on our way home. which we never do so i won't be too guilty about it. mr. matt had to go hang some blinds for a friend and the hunger, it may have been emotionally scarring, so it was better avoided. the only concern i have now is that we're going out again today for our anniversary. we always have lunch at the same place where we had our first date. and then later we're grilling. as you can see it's going to be a very foody day. in retrospect, i probably didn't need to add to the mayhem the day before with french fries. i just have to think it's all better than a big crazy meal out at night when i'll have no chance to burn off the calories.

scale is still 170 after being moosey so that's good. i've been looking up dessert recipes for tonight. i don't know if that should be labeled good or bad. the theory is that you only have an anniversary once a year so it probably won't kill me to bake something. i haven't done much baking in the new house, i have a lot to learn about gas ovens. i also have a lot of whipping cream that needs love (see, i had baking intentions) so i'll probably make a french chocolate cake. sort of a flourless chocolate cake only with like 2 tablespoons of flour. still very dark and dense and yummy. with whipped cream. i just need to summon the energy while matt does his boy thing with the grill.

i had thought moving would make me want to cook proper meals, because my dining partner really needs them. but so far i'm exactly as much a slacker as i always was. i don't know why i believed so heartily that geography would make a difference. i cook reasonable food for him most nights, but not always for me. he's been eating more hotdogs than is probably good for him, and for me grilled cheese. which i suppose has a certain amount of protein but mostly it's butter.

the short of the long is that i need to think about protein for me. and i need to plan for it. i'm thinking of keeping a pot of black bean soup around at all times. or maybe for every lunch. i'm clearly too lazy to cook real food at night during the week. i'm going to have to be one of the many who prepares all their food on the weekends. odds on i'm too lazy to do that too, but it's a start in the right direction. maybe i'll bond with my freezer and it'll be life changing. a girl and her pyrex. that's almost dirty, in a fastidious housewares kind of way. roar!


MayQueen said...

Do you drink soy milk? Lots of good protein to be had. I like the Very Vanilla Silk - it tastes like vanilla pudding. I use it instead of milk in everything except for baking and hot tea.

Amy said...

i never really liked it, but i haven't tried it in years. i should check it out again.

MayQueen said...

I thought it was kind of gross the first time I tried it. But it tasted good on cereal, so that's how I started with it. The flavored stuff is much more palatable than the plain.

i i eee said...

Roar! haha.

Happy Anniversary!!

I keep telling myself that when I have this kitchen utensil I'll cook more, or when I have this great simple recipe I'll always be cooking up a storm.

But then, I get lazy as well.

A said...

I read this tip somewhere: buy those frozen chicken breasts in a bag (the cheap kind like Tyson) then put them frozen in a crock pot and let them cook overnight. In the morning they should be very tender and then you can tear them apart and throw on a salad or whatever. I love the crockpot=easy!

Amy said...

that's a good idea for chicken eaters, i bet it would make good tacos too.

Weight Master said...

Chicken. There's plenty of protien in that. Of course, if you don't like chicken, that won't help you.

Amy said...

it's not that i don't like chicken, it's that they get it from, like, chickens. live ones. and then dead ones. i have difficulty with that part. it's not that i don't like it, per se.