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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Being this popular is not just my right, but my responsibility."

someone tagged me for a meme. six facts. could there possibly be six things i haven't shared? let's see.

1. firstly, when i make lists like this i always start with a. and follow with 2. and i think it's funny every single time. i think it's from sixteen candles or similar and just thinking about it makes me smile.

2. i have almost no pictures from college, and i hate it. what was i doing for four years that i never had a camera? it's one of my biggest regrets that i didn't take more time to capture those moments.

3. i feel more guilty about calling in sick when i am sick than when i'm not.

4. i'm obsessed with erasing my past and think every day about deleting my old blog. but then i'd have no record of college and that would be really sad.

5. i didn't answer the phone on purpose when my dad called to tell me my mom had passed away. i already knew, i just wasn't ready to face it.

6. sometimes i wish i still had the discipline of ocd. part of me would really like to have cupboards like the guy in sleeping with the enemy.

i'm not going to tag anyone but if anyone feels like divulging their deepest and darkest let us know in the comments so we can stop by and be nosy!


i i eee said...

4. You could print out your old blog, and paste it into a journal.

3. I feel the same way! Weird how that can be.

5. I'm so sorry about that. I can't even imagine.

Amy said...

i've thought about the binding thing for the old blog, i'm sort of ehh about it. i think i'd be more freaked if matt's family found it in the house than online.

MayQueen said...

1. I like to go number one in the great outdoors, preferrably at night under a clear, moonless sky.

2.I think about people in commmercials - like, what qualified them to play Guy With Herpes, or if they called every person they ever met when they landed that national dog food add, or if they're suicidally depressed because all they've ever wanted to do was act and all they can get are non-speaking rolls in douche commercials. Stuff like that.

3. When I was young I hid a six-month-dentist-visit reminder post card from my mom and felt incredibly guilty about it for an entire year. Every time I watched tv with my parents and any kind of dental commercial came on I would get very uncomfortable. I was sure my mom would turn to me and say "Hey! It's been eight months since you've been to the dentist! Why didn't we get a reminder post card?"

4. I haven't written a word for my thesis in at least three months and I'm completely tapped out for ideas.

5. When I'm alone (or I don't think anyone can here me) I constantly talk and sing to myself. Mostly sing.

6. I'm disappointed when I go to the grocery store and the tabloids at the checkout haven't changed since the last time I was there.

MayQueen said...

whoa, double post. and that should probably be "dog food ad."

Amy said...

fixed it! because i have nothing better to do.

Unknown said...

It's from Home Alone! The jerky older brother does it. I think it's funny, too : D