10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

our lobby is balsam-rific

that's the one thing i love about this season, the pine freshness. so, you want to know about the interview? it went pretty well. unless i get a mean rejection letter before next wednesday i think i'll be all full of confidence. bursting, if you will. i have a bit of studying to do for it but it's really cool to, like, use my brain for once.

come saturday i have four suits to return to target. one of them, it turns out, doesn't even fit. which is confusing because i tried it on before i bought it. why did i buy it? i just don't know. so it's going back. with all it's friends. and then my discover bill won't make my heart stop when i get it. god willing.

i made a calendar diagram thing last night (so much free time after the big event i guess?) and it seems like i'm losing about a pound a week. i hold steady for the week and then i start the next week about a pound down. i kindof wish i hadn't done that chart because it's better for me when i don't have expectations. so i'm going to pretend i never did it. and i'll just be really happy if i come back on monday at 174. and so on and so on. but i'm going to turn off that part of my brain right now so i don't go insane. (as i cross all my fingers for a miracle next monday)


snackiepoo said...

Good luck! I hope you get the job.

I totally love walking into businesses this time of year for the same reason!

Anonymous said...

I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed that you get this job!

The only way charting actual loss worked for me was when I kept a food diary as well ... so I could see what had changed to cause more or less of a loss (please note, I did not mention "gain!")

Good luck~!

Amy said...

it's weird that my weight hasn't gone up this week, but i'm not going to freak out if i don't lose another pound. i swear.