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Friday, November 03, 2006


we finished watching the last of big love. that's a fascinating show. i couldn't stop watching it. and now i have to wait like a whole year for season two to be on dvd. i'm genuinely worried about what will happen after they get outed. will home plus survive? will ben get his virginity back? it plucks at the heart strings. but the best scene was after the barbecue for betty when they have $2000 in lobsters hanging around. and they put them in tupperware. for me, in maine, it was hilarious. i just don't have words for how perfect that detail was.

it makes me nervous about the rest of the details though. like how much truth is there in the rest of the stories. my boss and all my co-workers grew up catholic. i'm surrounded by recovering catholics. when you grow up catholic you live life with the reasonable assumption that that's as crazy as it gets. we bond over our spiritual whoopsies. my best friend lied to the priest in her first confession because she couldn't think of anything she did wrong. i lied about giving my first confession because those booths are f-ing scary when you're six. better to lie and take the body and blood of christ at your first communion in sin than admit the priests freak you out.

while you were sleeping is one of my favorite movies because of the church scene. and the grandmother says she misses the mass in latin, it was nicer when you didn't know that they were saying. it's just so true. what weirds me out is how hollywood can so perfectly capture how i feel about catholicism, how close to reality is big love. i'm really torn about it. on the one hand the compound women don't seem to have many choices and that sucks as a way of life. but on the other hand the people where i live have kids with any number of spouses/neighbors/distant relatives, ongoing open relationships, polyamory whatever. and uhh...no one cares. but it seems to be a big huge deal on the show. a business make or break, a secret to keep. i don't get it.

all these thoughts because i can't get the lobster/tupperware scene out of my head. and i went back up a pound and it seems better not to dwell on that. why not chit chat about polygamy and religions and get every one mad at me. better than talking about my desk drawer full of tiny milkyways. no one has to know about that. except GOD. ha.


Jennette Fulda said...

Heh, I thought I was the only one who used the term "recovering Catholic." Once I was flipping through the TV channels and there was a movie where they were reciting the Nicean creed and I had this urge to mumble along with it. I don't think the indoctrination ever goes away.

Amy said...

i got you beat, my mom was a nun. recovering isn't strong enough an adjective.

i i eee said...

Your mom was a nun? CRAZY!

pinky pinkerson said...

what creeps me out about Big Love is how all the wives are competing for the same penis. It's like a viagra fuelled porn-fest for the man of the house every night, but every day he has to work harder and harder to support all those wives 'n' kids. That seems like a very top-heavy system to me.

And Chloe Sevigny's wig. That creeps me out too.

Amy said...

that's a wig. man, that makes so much sense. i couldn't figure out what was so weird about her character. it does seem like a top heavy system. seems they'd be happier if all the wives had a part time job. it's a little confined.

and yes, my mom was a bonifide nun. it was what you did if you were french canadian in the 60's. it was on par with going to college for gaining status. she got a free education too. and then she left.