10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"don't say no right away, could we burn down the house?"

another pound down this morning. which is great. except all i can focus on just now is the bag of utz chips in my cupboard at home. probably if i were at home i wouldn't even care that they were there (they exist in my house because they are friend in healthy oil and matt likes them and he needs snack foods) but knowing that they are there and i am at work is making me a little crazy. it's probably partly because we're slower than slow at work and i'm in between books.

and i can't think of a damn interesting thing to write about. except chips. pathetic doesn't encompass the situation.


Anonymous said...

We buy the Utz unsalted.

I tried buying the low-fat chips ... spent a lot of time in the bathroom after eating those! (sorry)

Try low fat, unsalted pretzels. They're baked and very good.

It's the crunch factor that you're looking for ... trust me! When eating healthy, there's never anything decent to crunch on ... except lettuce!

Weigh up an ounce and eat them ... then stop. You'll be okay.

Amy said...

i didn't actually eat them, they're for matt. for some reason i just couldn't stop thinking about it at work yesterday. and then i went home and completely forgot about them. that's why junk food lives in cupboards and not on counters at my house.

snackiepoo said...

I don't even know what Utz IS! How lame am I?

Congrats on your pound loss; it is so odd but generally on my WI day, I have this mentality that I just did a WI, so I can splurge....uh, no....LOL.

Amy said...

Utz is a pennsylvania company that makes the super best potato chips. they just started selling them in maine. i used to have to stock up on my visits to maryland.