10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"do snakes have fur?" "they do when they're ferrets."

consider this an open letter to all the people and groups that write me emails and ask me to plug their site/product/diet.

dear sirs/madams/list generators,

if you want me to read your email, you have to call my blog by the right name. it's not "does this blog make me look fat", it's not "does this make me look fat" it's certainly not "do i look fat". it makes a bad first impression when you don't get the details on your spamming correct. the shame of it, i'm sure it burns.

besides, you guys totally ruin the joke for me and that puts me off. bad public relations. adding insult to unsolicited email. tsk. but seriously, you'd probably do better to research first, spam later. greater odds. but probably not here. i'm not interested in sharing your wack diet, site with spendy registration fees, crack pot product with my readers. if you read my blog, you'd know that's not me. you shouldn't mess with a girl who ponders how many calories it would burn to bury her boyfriend in the backyard. just sayin'.

thanks! peace out.


snackiepoo said...


I cannot stand the spam like that. The only people who really have been cool about that stuff is AOL Diets; I think they have someone on staff who actually reads.

And your "pun-tastic" title should not be effed with!

Sugarcrook said...

This post makes me thing of the South Bronx Parasite Diet from Aqua Teen.

Carl: And it ain't like them sissy no-crabs diets either.
Frylock: I think that's no 'carbs', Carl.
Carl: See, but I have crabs, so I don't qualify for that. Have I told you that before?
Frylock: Yeah.
Carl: Funny story

Amy said...

got crabs?

MayQueen said...

I saw the guy from Earl in a movie the other day and yelled out "Crab Man!"

Amy said...

i just got the 2nd season of buffy and now i'm yearning for the first of earl. i'm only like 10 years behind my shopping.

ADasa said...

Love your blog title! Hilarious! D