10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, September 11, 2006

oooh, tastes like maine!

i've returned from vacation. no pounds lost. very few pounds gained. negligible, hardly noticeable, very tiny pounds. there's some job stuff going on, which i'll elaborate on when i know, but it might be really cool. my week was extremely low key, and i didn't leave the state. i'm not calling it lazy, i'm calling it relaxing. i needed to re-group and i did. and i cleaned. i spent most of the week throwing away relics from my youth. there's no room for my sixth grade show program. there just isn't. so it wasn't a very exciting vacation, but necessary if i ever want to move and fit my life in matt's apartment.

because all i did was read paperbacks and nap, i don't have much to report. i almost joined a gym but i got distracted. by the new job possibility. suck to join a gym in bar harbor and work in ellsworth and live near bangor. i don't see me driving half an hour to use the treadmill. i think the word is silly. next week things should be clear in all concerned departments. it'll make a nice change.


Beth Currie said...

Ooooooooh sounds exciting, hope it comes off :-))

Driving half an hour to use the treadmill is definitely messed up. It's like those women you see driving round the gym car park twice so they can get a spot right next to the door. I'm just about to run on the treadmill but god forbid I should walk more than 3 feet from car to door.

Amy said...

i made an arse of myself at the interview. but hey, maybe i'm the least arsy of the group.