10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, August 21, 2006

"what happened to your contacts?" "a dog ran off with them"

this weekend i bought three black sweaters and one brown. like the one dark brown one is going to save me from looking like the devil's receptionist. i bought a pair of shoes i'm already planning to return. i learned that i almost fit into the limited's 12 again. i did actually fit into their size 12 skirt, but i'm not certain i could have sat down (i didn't try and i'm happier this way). and i got a free pretzel at auntie anne's customer appreciation day. i cooked a from scratch meal that my family loved. i didn't track down and perform violence on any of the idiots driving on 295. i bought new cd's at newbury comics and i had a wicked good time doing it.

how was your weekend?


Rebecca said...

oh shit...i read cadbury instead of newbury!

i miss the cadbury eggs....oh man, only for easter to be around the corner....

Amy said...

ha. as you see in the archives i have had trouble with the bunnies. russel stover must put crack in those evil rabbits.

MayQueen said...

I recovered from a long night of carousing and ate some tasty Indian food for two meals in a row.

pinky pinkerson said...

I slept and slept and slept. I'd say I was clinically depressed, except that I really just enjoy sleeping. and since I never go to bed early enough during the week - hence sleeping my life away on the weekends. not really a productive grownup thing to do.

and saw an excellent movie. ordered a meal (at a formerly favorite place )which turned out to be burnt. combine that with smelly water and truckstoplike bathrooms - we're crossing that one off the list.

Amy said...

wow, they put out your food burnt. that's pretty high on the list of unnaceptable.

i never could sleep in, i can't stay up late either. i'm perpetually 80 when it comes to sleeping.

Anonymous said...

I did laundry all day Saturday.

Contemplated drastically changing my life.

Ordered a new book ... The Glycemic Index.

Read a LOT of weight loss blogs (for ideas on different, healthier lifestyles).

Created a blog. Haven't added anything to it yet. Just set it up!

BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog.