10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

mmm, apples

lost three pounds with cookies for breakfast. if i didn't know better i would think this was eden.


pinky pinkerson said...

i hate you.

just kidding.

no really, i hate you.

Amy said...

you know what else you should hate, the stores for putting out halloween candy in f*cking august. august. it's just wrong.

pinky pinkerson said...

what? that seems counterintuitive. all those reese's pumpkins will melt. or wash away in (my state's) current typhoon.

Amy said...

bastards made me buy mellowcreme pumpkins. in august. would it have killed them to wait a day for september?

Lori G. said...

I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy to always have candy in small sizes in stores. Let's look at the facts....January--out comes the Valentine Day's Candy. February--there might be a lull but here there's usually the V-Day candy marked down for a month or so. Then there's Easter candy....and after that, mark-down. I haven't seen a lot of candy for Memorial Day, July 4 but give them time. Then Halloween from September to November, Christmas candy and then back to V-Day. Let's face it, summer is the only time we might get a break.

Congratulations on the four pounds lost!