10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, August 07, 2006

"get out of that box before that bird pecks your eyes out!"

it was a strange weekend for me, in that i spent a lot of time thinking about food and it was a chore. i've been very seriously considering the baking business out of my home thing, and i'm getting the weirdest feeling that it might actually work. primarily because, as matt researched for me, the only bakery in ellsworth closed a few months ago. for cakes and desserts the only options in ellsworth are the grocery stores, or drive to bar harbor, or do it yourself. but who wants to do that?

all the small business websites say to evaluate your strengths, so i've been trying to do that honestly. it's harder than you would think to look objectively at yourself. i think my biggest obstacle is going to be not hounding people with "are you sure it was ok? not too much flour? i'm sure it was awful take your money back!". i'm have this tiny problem with thinking everything i do isn't good enough. itty bitty. that's no way to run a business, thinking your product is shit. so i have to get over it. every thing i cook can't be shit. i'm not dead or anything.

it was an odd feeling to think about so much food. i don't generally allow myself to think about cakes and pies and chocolates with free reign. i also don't usually allow myself to buy exotic bakeware either but this weekend i invested $3.83 in my possible future business. i bought a pastry bag and icing tips. to make my frosting pretty. and my cream puffs nice and round. and i think i'm delving into food porn. sorry for that. i am a little nervous about the combination of sheer terror over this project and miles of frosting rosettes (i need to practice). is it worth possibly reaching previously unseen levels of fatness? i know there's no answer for that. i'll just have to wait and see.


MayQueen said...

Jerry, we must get back in training for the '76 Olympics.

Go for it, my dear, and keep in mind that when it comes to your creativity (baking, printing, writing, whatever) you don't even know the half of how talented you are. Seriously.
And if you make it big perhaps we could talk about making me your permanent house boy. How do you take your coffee?

Amy said...

if you were any kind of a decent house boy you'd know i drink tea. maybe you could get a palm frond?

speaking of you, think for me a name which is clever. for the baking.

MayQueen said...

I know you like tea, but I was going for the cliche ;) As for names, all I can come up with at the moment are puns that have already been used. Like, Loaf In A Round. Sugar Cult? Would that be copyright infringement? I'll keep at it.

...jus me said...

You go for it Amy! I wish you all the luck in your business. Practice practice practice, all those roses will be perfect before you know it. Don't worry about eating it all and gaining tons of weight. You will be tired of looking at it and just sell it instead. I worked at Wrigley's gum, and ohhhhhh did I get sick of it!