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Friday, August 25, 2006

fun with chrone's

so he has to take prednisone. the superfun drug that made his brother need a hip replacement at 17. but you know what, no one would do a hip replacement on a 17 yearold so they kept him in a wheelchair until they found a solution. WOOHOO! matt only has to take it for a little while and it was his choice, but i really hate that drug. matt's hips aren't so hot either and he has enough to deal with already...but what are we going to do? the drug will make him feel better in the short term and he's willing to take the risk. ugh.


...jus me said...

Sorry to hear that he needs to be on Prednisone. I don't care much for the drug either, but it does have great results used on a short regimen. Matt will be in our prayers.

MayQueen said...

With any luck he'll only need to be on it for a little while. **fingers crossed**
Tell Mr. Matt I said hello and I'm thinking good thoughts for him.

Anonymous said...

My husband was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 17. After taking heavy doses of prednisone for YEARS (this was 30 years ago...before they knew the damage it could cause), he STILL ended up having both knees, both hips, and his right shoulder replaced. THEN, at age 40, he had a quadruple bypass. We were told it was damage from the prednisone. (No family history of heart problems and he's perfectly fit.)

Soooo, when our daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and they wanted to put her on prednisone, we refused (as did she because she knew her father's history with prednisone).

Short courses with it should NOT be damaging.

So take care Matt!

And here's hoping you get better soon!

Amy said...

he's so at peace with it, it just what he's been dealt. i'm the one freaking out about grabbing the early bird special alone in 20 years.