10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


the queen mary two is here today. not that anyone can see it. the fog is slowly burning off and maybe they'll get to come off the ship...eventually. we were expecting to be crazy busy, but at this point no. so we're sitting on our asses. and i can't even waste my day on the internet because we're training a new girl today. so we have to feign professionalism.

the poor thing, she thought the susan b anthony dollars were canadian. oh, to be so young, it's unpardonable. but she complimented my pants so now we're best friends. i'm drinking coke right now, a sin against nature i know, but i wrote it down. see how that validates me. and the writing burns maybe a calorie. and the scowling too.

i'm intrigued about what sarah said about the expression of pain burning into your skull. does that mean that perpetual wrinkle in my forehead from making the "what's your deal?" face is burned into my skull? because i think i'd prefer that to calling it a wrinkle. "wrinkles, at my age? no, no, no that's just sarcasm burned into my skull". or i could get botox.


Rebecca said...

is it crazy that i'm thinking of getting botox?

seriously i have like 3 wrinkles on my forehead of i crinkle my face a certain way.

could it be considered preventative surgery ;)?

i'm sure if i start now, it could save thousands down the road...hihihihihi

Amy said...

i keep trying to not make that crinkle face but i can't stop. i'll just have to give in to the inevitable.

snackiepoo said...

I have these wrinkles between my eyebrows that I swear are there because I constantly make the "wtf" face ;).