10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"put that cat down i'm allergic"

the lights are on but there's no one at home. i have NO idea as to how to change the font size. i must have tried for like 5 minutes. seriously. there's not a damn thing that says "hey, make me bigger and that guy in chicago will be happy". i looked at some new templates but the fonts aren't any better and i'm sort of getting used to this one.* it makes me feel like some tragically misunderstood goth teen. with a weight problem. ha.

if anyone has, like, any suggestions. bring 'em on.

and also, for anyone who hasn't noticed, the cool ass link monitoring thing is from the fabulous snackiepoo and will probably disapear when my free membership is up. but hey, it's fun for now.

*and then five minutes later i changed it. i just don't have the patience to refresh that much.


V'ron said...

Aw! I liked the pink on black! Keep experimenting, tho.

Michelle said...

It's a little dark, but whatever works for you. I've been changing mine too...I think I finally found something I can live with. Good luck with your search for perfect blog look.

Michelle said...

Ps. I just found the link thingy you were talking about...very nice!! I like it!! (o:

Amy said...

I liked the pink on black too, but i had to keep refreshing the page. the text kept disappearing and it was driving me crazy. so i went back to this.

falco348 said...

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