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Monday, June 05, 2006

not as fat as i thought

my sister and i used to watch dr. katz on comedy central practically every minute of every day. i especially love the manatee episode when this manatee is on a trash talk show and it says "a layer of blubber keeps me warm in the water" and the audience shouts "you need to get yourself a job and an education". there's another one where the guy is on vacation and he's talking about how lame his postcards are "the buildings are tall. it's hot here. i like food.". that was exactly my vacation.

we went to frederick, maryland where my alma mater lives. we visited all of my friends, walked the length and breadth of the car show, and hiked up big round top at gettysburg. actually matt was the only one who made it all the way up because i am a quitter. it was hot, and there was tiredness and i wasn't even wearing wool or getting shot at. had i been a civil war soldier i would've bought it way before gettysburg. maybe i'd have had better hustle if i thought i was gonna die.

our visit to gettysburg afforded me the most blog worthy experience of our trip. frankly it was a toss up between that and having my pants stolen but i really think y'all will appreciate it. half way through our self-guided auto tour, we stopped for dinner in town. it was a mom and pop type place and the parking lot was pretty full...reasonable aspirations of the food were made. there was one of those huge glass pie cases and we knew what to expect...FAT. we had a very cute waitress who told us the daily special was "had-dock" and then she gave us the menus. this is the best part, i knew it was going to be bad but i had no idea. there was a special vegetable section...with not one actual vegetable on it. potatoes 4 ways, cottage cheese, applesauce and pickled eggs. for vegetarians you can get the veggie platter, with three of the listed vegetables on it, for the low low price of $9.95.

if i thought i could have gotten away with taking a picture i would have. it was truly fascinating. no one in the restaurant seemed upset that there were no greens to be had. somehow i totally forgot we were in central pennsylvania where the food is white, the people are blond and the bread is made out of potatoes. the pie was good though.

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