10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, June 19, 2006

haven't the slightest

i was out friday because i broke my shoulder/neck/back. broke as in it hurts alot but isn't actually broken. broke as in i have been a pilates slacker and now i can't move. friday was a big day. i took enough advil to ruin 1.3 kidneys forever and still i lay prone for the better part of 10 hours. it was a big day. we had a flood in the basement putting out the pilot light in the water heater. when the landlord finally got around to fixing it the power went out. HA! but otherwise it was a good weekend.

i have a houseguest, hiking partner, vegetarian cooking buddy and cat petter extraordinaire. the lovely sarah fresh from the tidal waters of salem, massachusetts is here for the week. to work on her master's thesis, drink russian vodka, and probably bake whoopie pies later in the week. i can't hide my enthusiasm.

i can't do much exercise either. what with the pain. but it's getting better. and i will start the back strengthening pilates as soon as i can move freely and i will do it atleast once a week for the back if not the calorie burning. i've been saying for weeks that i need to start again. the last time my shoulder twinged i said i'd start again. i am officially a liar. and i'm paying for my deceit. and i'm also beginning to think that these paragraphs have far too many sentences. especially ones that start with and. bad english writing, unreadable. it's almost haiku. i'm not taking drugs but i am feeling delirious so i'll wander off and see what all the more dedicated fat losers are upto.


Jennette Fulda said...

I love starting sentences with "and" and "but." It's actually not always grammatically incorrect.

Amy said...

i think my use may be chronic.

i i eee said...

Oh man, back/neck pain is the worst. I think I may have something chronic with my neck, myself. That, and starting sentences with "and" and "but". Hope you feel more "in motion" soon.

Amy said...

i hope so too, i was cringing holding my sister's babies and it was awful. they're so cute, so squirmy.