10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


last night i had to buy some eggs. i get the super expensive organic free range kind because it makes me feel that much better about eating animal products.* at shaws i get nellie's (the man had a pet chicken, and it rode around on his bike. how can i not support them?) and at hannaford i get pete and gerry's because they're from new hampshire and they have chicken of the month with a photo and a profile: betsy likes all natural vegetarian grain and longs walks in her free range very roomy coop. it's eggs and entertainment.

last night i also meant to buy a chicken. the salad adventure is going very well. goat cheese and mandarins last night. with raspberry walnut dressing.** but i must be having a protein deficiency because i really wanted one of those store rotisserie chickens. you know, the fat injected ones. tasty. but i didn't buy one. not for any noble fat losing reason. i just couldn't put it in the same handbasket as the eggs. genuine thought process from last night: it would be morally wrong to make the eggs and the decapitated fire roasted chicken corpse hang out together. so i got the turkey breast.

i really need a hobby.

*i'm a hypocrit and i don't care
**woohoo! carrots!


Rebecca said...

that would lead to interesting conversation though, wouldnt it?

Amy said...