10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ymca who?

i've been working the numbers around on every computer, calculater and abacus i can get my hands on. i simply cannot believe that i will be debt free by NOVEMBER. if i do this and this and that i can have this much in savings by then. it's great fun. i'll still have a budget but i won't have to use my half.com sales of slave literature* to supplement food money.

sadly, affording a gym membership was not the first benefit that came to mind. i'm sure it should have been but i was too busy thinking about taking chairman meow to the vet for the first time since i got her. i'm sure she won't enjoy it, but the guilt that my furry is late on her shots is wearing on my soul. mrrow. but yeah, the gym. with the new budget i can afford the monthly payments. i could even pay for the whole thing if i so desired.

i'm sure it will open up a whole new can of worms like being naked in front of strangers, what wonderful blog fodder that will be. it'll be good for me to build that kind of routine: gym, work, rest. i'm a morning person anyway. and hey, i could even swim...maybe, if there's no one around.**

it's a wonderful developement, this selling of the car to the weird guy who stalked us at mardens.*** i can't wait to be part of the class that can afford gym memberships and to take their cat to the vet. what larks!

*i don't remember taking every class on african american literature but it seems i did, and i have the volumes to prove it.
**remote possibility that i'll be skinnier or i won't give a shit by then.
***too conceited to link to yourself?


Nicole (SummersComing) said...

Debt free.....those are like dream words! LOL Congrats!

Rebecca said...

your lucky!!!! have yuo been to your ymca before? are the facilities nice?

i miss the classes!!!!

Amy said...

i've been through it, i guess i'll have to take a tour. it's the only game in town though so i better like it.

Wendell said...

I love that your cat is called Chairman Meow. Congrats on being almost debt free.

Amy said...

we make jokes about her furry dominance of the proletariat everyday. it never gets old.

and thanks!