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Friday, May 05, 2006

a post in which i use too many of these!

twice a year my college dorm had these hall parties. and they always had to have a theme. the theme was almost always fire related. HOT LIKE FIRE! was one, FIRE and ICE was another, ON FIRE!, HOT! HOT! HOT! man was it boring. the cooler dorms had pimps and hoes parties and cowboy themes and assorted fancy dress balls. we had continuous FIRE! and HOTNESS! my roommate and i started calling every party UNORIGINAL LIKE FIRE! to amuse ourselves and in our own way thwart the patriarchy who chose such boring party themes. and now that's all i can think about because it's HOT LIKE FIRE! in maine today.

85 degrees. there's no reason it needs to be that hot here. it's maine. we like it cold. that's why we live here. i really feel like nature should save the warm weather for people who like it. in say, arizona? the worst part about it being hot (like fire) is that no one in maine has air-conditioning. there's no reason, you see, because it's traditionally cold enough for all the tourists to buy generic MAINE! sweatshirts and the workers from jamaica to wear their winter coats all summer. the rest of us are melting and our sun deprived skin is turning red before our eyes.

i went for a walk at lunch time and i'm still fanning myself with deposit slips. it's a bad sign for my summer exercising. i'd been getting into walking in the morning and at lunch time, but there's a limit to how much sweatiness i can handle at work. it's not all that professional. the short of the long is that the ymca is looking like the only option. i might go over to take a tour this weekend and think about it. it would be wonderful to be able to exercise and then shower, all in the same building. what luxury!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya!
Growing up in Maryland you'd have thought I'd grown used to heat and humidity but it killed me as a kid and does the same thing as an adult.
In the worst summer months I'm inside in the AC more than I am indoors any other time of the year.
I will say that in time your body adjusts abit, but it still is in no way pleasent!

Amy said...

i went to college in maryland. i stayed for three summers (glutton for punishment) but now it seems like i've lost my ability to deal.