10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

holding pattern

i'm still 185. atleast i'm not fatter. there's been so much going on, what with the shopping and the guilt.* and then we got our incentive bonus and i wasn't so sad. and then i sold my car. well, it's a negotiated sale for sometime this week, but it's very good for ye olde finances.

the boyfriend did all the work so i'm rewarding him with dinner out. food as a reward. a bad idea for me, a good idea for him. we really don't have a choice, logistics wise. bangor is too far to go and do all the business and then come back to cook dinner. unfortunately it means three nights out for dinner in a week. DAMN. i'm gonna have to do some serious stepping to keep my 185. or maybe celebratory dancing.

i keep playing with the numbers to see how soon i'll be free. i'm talking about money ofcourse but it could so easily be pounds. if indeed i was losing any. tomorrow maybe.

*have i mentioned my mother was a nun. i have a black belt in guilt.


Beee said...

Hey staying the same is a great thing!!! Just don't do it too often like me :(
I know what you mean about eating out... I just got back from a holiday and a mammoth eating out frenzy... very very bad. Oh well, tomorrow is another day :)
Great blog btw.. Just found you on snackiepoo's site

Anonymous said...

I was holding at 184 this morning. Didn't snack at work, but I did have dessert from a sent-out-for-lunch at work: two small cannolies.

The only Maine traces here are a cookbook I never use, and the coffee mug from a coastal potter that I use every single day. I've had it for years.

There's a qualification to my naitveness, by the way: I was born, and lived my first year, in Massachusetts during a short time my parents lived and worked there. They're both bative, however, so I don't mind fudging my heritage that small amount.

Amy said...

if you were born in massachusetts you're from away. sorry.

my boyfriend and i are also from away. we get no credit for living here on purpose.

snackiepoo said...

Wow, and I thought those of us with mentally ill mothers were the only ones who got black belts in guilt...I think I have to take my declaration back and call it a brown belt - you win ;)

Rebecca said...

and I only thought that happened in books (your mom being a nun)...;)

eating out is well....uhhmmmm...tough...as much as I enjoy it I dislike it too...it's ssssooooo convenient though....

Amy said...

the eating out is killing me with it's convenience lately.

yup, my mom was a nun. years before she met my dad and started having babies. she had the most wonderful way of getting what she wanted without raising her voice or ever telling me no. it's a science.

You've come a long way baby! said...

Hey...I'm glad I followed the link from Snackie's site. I am a fellow Mainer. It's a small world! ;)

Amy said...

they're coming out of the woodwork, the mainers! woohoo!!!

Jennette Fulda said...

my mother was a nun

Evidently not a very good one if you're in existence :) My dad was in the seminary and almost became a priest. I think the sex things was a dealbreaker though.

Amy said...

i think she decided she could better serve humanity outside the convent, but she was really angry at the church before she died. she never really spoke of it.

in her last weeks my still catholic aunt came to visit and said "we're praying for you" and my mom said "why". it was probably innapropriate to have laughed so much.