10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

somewhere between 185 and 184

i really wish the dial was magnified. i must scare the neighbors with my daily cursing at 6 am. i would find that 184.5 impossible except that i didn't really eat yesterday. i made really yummy portobella fajitas for dinner. any other day i would have eaten two but one was enough. and then i spent the evening in the park. i thin the goal to not eating all night is not being in the damn house. tuesday i spent the evening shopping and ate only the dinner i planned. i haven't had any trouble getting all my exercise in the morning so hence forth evenings are to be spent doing something until i can get used to not snacking out of boredom.

i really enjoyed the park last night. there was only one other car, wisconsin, and the sun was shining. i wanted to hike some trails, but i was wearing flipflops (moron). i had only intended to take some pictures but when i got there i was bummed i didn't plan better. though, probably it's not the best time of year to hike alone. no one would find me if i died, or broke an ankle on the precipice. except maybe the coyotes...but i did get this picture out of it!


Rebecca said...

does the boy go with you?

yeah...it really does help not being in the house to snack..tonight we are going to attempt to play tennis..neither of us but I want to learn so why not give it a whirl?!

btw...i love the picture.....SAND!!!!!! nice sand at that...none of that pebbly crap...

Amy said...

he didn't go with me last night, but he does when he's in town.

tennis is easy, easier if you don't keep score. that was always the hard part for me.

it is nice sand, it's the only sand beach north of portland and they call it "sand beach" real creative. it's also where they filmed the only beach scene in the cider house rules. i'll have to put up another picture so you can see how small it is and then how big they make it look in the movie.

snackiepoo said...

Wow, how have I not seen your blog until now. The phrase " a blog dedicated to the eradication of my ass " made me spit up soda - good times!

I need to find some way to get up just an hour earlier and work out in the morning because I feel like my nights are rushed between errands, dinner, cleaning then working out - uhhh, my fat ass needs some TV time, thanks :)

Amy said...

i'm glad you stopped by, i love your picture!

early is easy for me, i can't, however, stay up past 10:00. who needs a social life?

Cindy Carbo said...

I agree with you. The more you get out of the house and have things to do, the less you think about eating. Boredom is a terrible thing!

Oh, and I like your writing in the sand!

Amy said...

if i could do things, like with computers, i would make that my masthead. in the words of a true new englander it would be wicked awesome.