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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

slacker and a halfer

i've been the most ridiculous slackass lately. there was lots of incidental exercise this weekend but i haven't walked since thursday. i played around on the stairstepper last night but i didn't actually exercise. it's been pathetic. and then there's the food. the key to planning is not looking at the plan and then ordering lunch out. it's an easy concept and yet it escapes me. also, when you're following the plan it helps not to eat the portion you prepared for lunch directly after eating the portion you ate for dinner...while baking a cake. i am officially a train wreck.

the last few days have been pretty weird. i've been trying really hard not to be like "you can't have that...you must have this". i've been working toward a "do you really need that?" way of life and then if i do i have it and if i don't...well you get the picture. last night i knew i didn't need to pick at today's lunch until it was gone. i was standing there, mixing the cake, picking at it and saying to myself "i should stop eating this" but i didn't. bad bad bad.

i've been slowly adding rules to guide my choices. i have a one soda a week rule. i already had one yesterday so i'm on water until next week. it's been working well and it makes it a bit more of a treat. the new rule is not to cook extra food for lunch unless it goes directly into the refridgerator. or something like that. it's fairly rare that i screw up like that. i have been noticing changes. i don't feel like i'm going to miss out on food things anymore. however, i have no explanation for what happened last night with the two dinners.

atleast the co-workers are eating the cake so it won't come home with me. small mercies.

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