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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

skinny boy

my boyfriend is a skinny boy, i'm sure i've mentioned it before. he is tall and lanky and was a runner in highschool. he eats more bacon than anyone i've ever known. he eats whatever he wants and never gains a pound. i could envy him that if i didn't know how much he hates it. he hates being the skinny boy.

some fat people hear how fat they are their whole lives, sometimes it's just the elephant in the room. no one holds back when you're too skinny. the boyfriend has been hearing his whole life that he needs a few more pounds. he still hears it, we both do. i keep hearing that i have to fatten him up. you can trust me when i say i try. geez, the boy eats a bowl of ice cream every night before bed.

he can't control his weight. as a teenager his doctor told his parents to keep feeding him. he had prescribed a 6000 calorie diet that included vast amounts of fast food specifically for the high calories. he HATED it. he didn't want to be force fed anymore than a dieter wants to feel starved. it's so ironic.

sometimes it makes me think we are who we are. i know i can exercise more and eat fewer easter bunnies and probably i'll drop a few pounds. but i don't hold out hope of having a supermodel body. i hold out hope to maybe drop a size or two, in time. unlike most fat girls, i don't have many skinny clothes. one day a few months before i started this blog i went through my closet with the mantra "you will not lose twenty pounds!". i got a lot more space in my closet and the thrift shop got a whole bunch of designer clothes in size 12.

i saved two skirts that i couldn't part with, those are the last of my skinny clothes. i was telling the boyfriend that i would be happy if i could fit into those two expensive skirts again. and he said "that's great! will you have to gain ten pounds after to fit into the expensive skirt you're wearing now?". smart ass.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, as much as I try to purge my clothes and try to limit the number of "skinny" outfits I have (which are in the back of my closet, as to not remind me of my amazing failures), I still can't get rid of the size 10 black dress or Ann Taylor pants I was so excited to get into back in the day. I don't know if they give me hope, or remind me of how unlikely it'll be I'll get back into those clothes again.

Amy said...

i know exactly what you mean, it was really hard to get rid of them. there were alot of things with tags still on them, i think i used to buy things that didn't fit to bribe myself into getting fit. how stupid, not to mention expensive.

i don't know what it was about those two skirts that i couldn't give up i just couldn't. thankfully it's too cold for moths here.

Jennette Fulda said...

Maybe he could try to build muscle? Though that might be a bad idea because he'd have to eat even more to maintain the muscle mass.

Amy said...

y'all are going to think i'm a stalker with the second delay in response. my job is very low key.

anyway, yeah, no he's very muscly. he has a small frame and no fat but he's all muscle. he really does eat alot, like 6 waffles for breakfast. they wanted him to eat all of that plus a couple of hamburgers for a snack and candy bars between classes. what kind of doctod prescribes candy and hamburgers?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like my mother talking, but: the cholesterol! Oy! Ice cream, bacon, fast food-- that can't be doing his arteries a lot of good? And he's a guy, with a bigger heart attack risk factor. Just generalized worrying here. :)

Anyway, you could tell him my brother was just like him, until he went into the Marine Corps-- they put a lot more muscle on him, and all that training paid off. He's nearly 50 now, and in great shape. So things could change.

Amy said...

i hear you with the cholesterol, but he tests fine. I DON'T KNOW HOW. but he gets a clean bill of health, the bastard.

actually, he doesn't eat fastfood anymore. neither of us do except for the occasional bout of hormone induced frie, fry (there seems to be no way to de-pluralize fries) need. he doesn't drink soda, i still do. his weakness is those peanutbutter things from little debbie but he hates that he loves something so processed...unless it's bacon.

kimby said...

I have a skinny hubby..who tries and tries to gain weight....We face similar issues in our weight battles (although being overweight, i would love to have his problem, if only for a few days)...and he has "fat" clothes....ones that he would love to be able to wear but they hang off him...he keeps them just in case he ever gains anything...LOL

Amy said...

he doesn't have fat clothes necessarily but he has pants from highschool that are a little tight. if he wasn't so sweet i might have had to kill him.