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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

multi-grain kicks some whole-wheat ass

i've been finding little notes in my pockets and my bag about things i want to write about. today the paper says only "multigrain". since my brain died yesterday it's been killing me to remember what i meant by that. but i just figured it out. a thousand years ago when i started south beach i bought some whole grain pasta because it was on sale for a dollar a box. i figured since it was on sale and i'd have to give up the white stuff anyway i might as well buy it.

we went without eating pasta for a long time. so long that the sale came back around and we still hadn't eaten the first two boxes. i'm a pack rat, especially with food, so i bought another two boxes because by now i could officially eat it so why not buy it on sale? but it was a different kind. one was whole wheat, one was multi grain. i didn't even notice. it could have said "twice the carbs!!!" and i would have bought it because the box was the right color.

so yeah, anyway. we've been eating the whole wheat because i was a little nervous about the multi-grain. if the wheat is good for you the multi grain must be even better and that means it must taste even worse, right? the wheat really isn't bad. the texture is different but if you have the right sauce you don't notice a thing. we've gone through most of the wheat so sunday i decided it was time to try the multi grain and if it was really bad we could still go out and get thai.

would you believe it's better than the wheat? there's something about it, the texture is so much more like white. i compared the nutritional panels and the difference is subtle. the whole wheat has less fat by two grams per serving, but it also has more carbohydrates. HA. so the multi grain has more fat and fewer carbs. i can't remember what the fiber content was but i'm not too worried. the multi grain tastes to much more normal and since spaghetti at my house is a relatively low-fat affair two more grams ain't gonna hurt nobody.

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