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Monday, April 17, 2006

"are french fries the new cigarettes?"

i will grant that obesity isn't so good and much of it can be prevented but equating it to 9/11 is just ridiculous. that isn't the point of the article but it's what pissed me off enough to blog about it. there are a lot of great points and probably i'll have to get to them tomorrow. my favorite is the author's view that it isn't the government's responsibility to worry about our obesity. damn straight. i can budge a bit on schools and children but adults are not wards of the state and can make their own choices and should be allowed to whatever the consequences. i don't think it's anyone's responsibility but mine what i eat and whether or not it's making me fat.

this country is almost completely personal responsibility free and it's pathetic. we should know that coffee is hot and it might burn us. we should know that gang raping a girl and video taping it is wrong and not just cause we got caught. we should also know that eating and drinking are choices we make every day and it's no one's fault but our own if we gain some weight or lose some teeth to sugar rot. i don't mean to say that the overweight choose to be that way but to blame the weights of others on a profit driven industry just isn't fair. grown ups can make grown up choices and should be responsible for them.

more rabidity tomorrow.

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