10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

190, 187. respectively

i have been in a serious funk this week. finally it has stopped raining and it is beyond beautiful in town today. i feel like i'm back from the dead or something. i've spent much of this week roaming my house looking for something to do...mostly eating a lot of random food. alas, it's over now. i'm assuming it was a wicked combination of 5 days of rain and raging hormones. i didn't feel like cooking so i snacked all night for three days instead of eating a meal. certainly not healthy. tonight i'm baking salmon so i have no excuse to eat piece after piece of peanut butter toast like a stuck record.

atleast i went for a walk this morning. what is this thing if not a journey...with some diversions along the way.


Rebecca said...

journey, sometimes it feels more like a roller coaster!

i meant to ask you, is your town like the town you see in Gilmore Girls?

Amy said...

a roller coaster is a better example. good work.

i don't have tv but i've asked my co-worker what the town in gilmore girls is like. she said quintessential new england town like with the white church and the square? bar harbor isn't much like that. i'll have to take some pictures. it's a little busier than a quaint town. it's full of shops, mostly older buildings. there are a lot of large estates that are now bed and breakfasts. there is a huge pier for the fishermen and you can see the ocean from almost anywhere. there are other towns on the island that are more like traditional new england. if you saw storm of the century that's southwest harbor which is 20 miles away, acadia national park is in between. i'll get some pictures up.

Rebecca said...

I was going to say..man all the stuff I coud get accomplished if we didnt have a TV, but that would be a lie. They would need to take my computer away for that to happen!

It sounds beautiful though! If thats one thing I hate about the MidWest is that we have no "real" towns and the "cities" arent half as exciting as Chicago or NYC. Now that I think about it, I don't think there are any redeeming qualities about my "city". We are however getting an IKEA soon!!!!

Amy said...

i'd love to have an IKEA. the closest one is like connecticut i think...but they're building one in massachusetts. two states closer!

Amy said...

oh wait, i forgot to say we just got a target...an hour away in bangor. the town that got it's first and only escalator 5 years ago. i love living here.

Rebecca said...

wow...thats crazy. charming.

hhmm...the "town" i live in doesn't have a target, we only have wal-mart and meijer, so i have to drive 15/20 mins to get to a target. it's nothing for us michiganders to have to drive a considerable distance to get anywhere.

this may sound like a stoopid question...do you buy your produce from local farmers and such or do you have to go to a supermarket?

Amy said...

apparently going to see the escalator was a big deal when it came.
i'd love to buy from farmers but there aren't very many. there will be farm stands open probably in june. mostly i buy apples and squash in the fall from the farmstand and the rest of the produce at the supermarket. we're planning to garden when we move but that's probably as close as we'll get to really fresh produce. i considered a farm share (there's a hippy college here and the kids farm in the summer) but we'll never be able to eat all the food and i'm afraid it will go to waste.
the ground just thawed and it's still frosting in the morning. it's amazing the pilgrims didn't all starve.