10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, April 10, 2006


so i bought the new digital scale. i now have the option to worry about decimals of pounds in addition to whole pounds. isn't life beautiful?

i'm back on plan for cooking. there's hardly anything lazy left in the freezer so it's full steam ahead. however, i'm having a shopping conundrum. i love grocery shopping. it's rapidly becoming my most honed skill. i've been beating down the post office doors to get my weekly sales flyers for months now. it comes up more than once in the archives that i am obsessed with the cost of groceries. so it's hard to admit that i have been shopping at the expensive store. further investigation is needed...but it seems that hannaford in bar harbor has many of the items i purchase at below the "sale" cost in ellsworth shaw's. my heart is broken.
i've so enjoyed the sale shopping in ellsworth. there's a competitiveness there that is lacking in laid-back hippie bar harbor.

i made a list of the prices of everything i buy in ellsworth* and i just compared a few items to the hannaford on my lunch break. smart dogs are a dollar cheaper! and the red potatoes are fifty cents cheaper a pound. i could weep.

clearly i'm going to have to be more vigilant here on out. it would be great if i could buy everything in town, especially with the gas prices. although if i have to stand behind any skinny tourist ladies comparing the fat content on two versions of twenty dollar gourmet light olive oil i might go insane. people in ellsworth might be content to pay more but they buy fishsticks and fries and those little hot dogs you eat with toothpicks...more my style.

*i shouldn't need to tell you that i had NOTHING better to do.

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Rebecca said...

hey! just found your blog! your hilarious!!

anyways, glad to hear someone else out there is proud of their bargain shopping. i'm currently "between" jobs so I make it my life to find the best bargain..my bf things I'm crazy! (even though I'm saving us a buttload of cash)