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Thursday, March 30, 2006

title, what title?

i checked my stats today and whoa, so many new visitors! welcome. thanks to the adorable PQ for linking me! i feel like i need to be funnier and smarter and thinner now. and maybe use proper punctuation.* i also feel like maybe i should give some more "me" information because i tend to skip those parts on profiles.

in a housekeeping sense, there's a reason for the no capitals. it's called the chicago manual of style and i spent many years in college slaving to it. when i started blogging i was still in college and still writing papers and the very last thing i wanted to do was replicate the anal compulsive style of paper writing online. so i gave up capitalizing. call me a rebel.

i have a degree in american history, specifically studying the american civil war. and i'm a bank teller. i never would have thought i could do a job like this and not own a gun, but i like my job and my life most of the time. i spend all day goofing around online and i get paid for it, and i get to play with money. the problem is that i also sit on my arse all day. and for a long time i went home and sat on my arse there too, and then i went to sleep. every day for almost two years.**

so for the last two years i've been neither healthy nor my ideal weight. this january i finally got around to dealing with it and now i'm trying to turn the course of my life. i cook more, i exercise more and i get out of the house more. i no longer think about what other people will think of me if i do this thing or that thing. i'm nowhere near where i want to be emotionally or physically but i'm moving instead of standing still and to me that makes all the difference.

*and capitalization
**during which my mom was diagnosed with and was killed by cancer, and also i had to move three times


Jennette Fulda said...

Heh, no problem. I had a backlog of blogs to read and add to my blogroll and I finally got around to doing it.

Thanks for explaining the punctuation thing. Some of my friends do that and I've always wondered why, but didn't want to ask for fear of sounding like the grammar police.

Amy said...

i personally had a visual hatred of kate turabian that i had to deal with, so i don't capitalize. i should start again but now i'm just too lazy.