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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

185 and holding

ofcourse 185 is where i was a few weeks ago. i'm relieved that it's not higher. we'll see what it says tomorrow. it's probably a little early in the game but i'm trying to pretend it's muscle. some of it must be because i feel stronger. i've been working with my tiny 2 lb weights and pushing the leg muscles. i might be pushing too much as it seems i've given myself shin splints. i'm going to have to bring sneakers to work for my lunch walk.

clearly it is my own fault because i walk in my normal work shoes at lunch time. but jeez, they're dansko. they're orthopedic for goodness sake. i didn't think a 20 minute walk would cause any trouble (because surely normal people have cause to walk 20 minutes now and again in the course of a day) but it seems i'm wrong. and so sneakers. i assumed i'd have to be more athletic than just walking and jogging to injure myself, i got lucky i guess.

i've been evaluating my diet lately, as in what i eat not what rules i follow. i really need to eat more fruits and vegetables. i've been making an effort to buy a lot of fresh stuff on the weekend and preparing it all for the week so it's an easy alternative. and still on calculation i'm not eating enough. as it stands today to get 5 servings i have to eat one fruit and two vegetables when i get home. i've already worked out a plan for that (chicken broccolli wheat pasta for dinner and a salad, grapes for dessert) but it's fairly ridiculous to wait till i get home to stuff myself with vegetables. so i have to plan better.

had i planned better, i wouldn't have run out of lettuce last night and i'd have a salad for lunch instead of one of the last smart one's meals from the freezer. i think i have one more after today and then i'm free. i'm getting really upset about having been eating those for lunch as long as i have been. processed carb crap. i have to give myself some slack on that though because i really didn't have any extra money until recently and at 10 for $10 it's hard to resist those frozen meals for lunches. but that's the past and i'll be happy when they're out of my freezer. but back to the lettuce.

i've gotten really into salads lately which is great, except it means i have to go food shopping twice a week. this is bad for two reasons. one because it's expensive and while i'm not so poor i have to live of frozen sale items i'm poor enough that groceries are my biggest expenditure and i can't afford much more. two, i have to drive half an hour to get slightly cheaper groceries and a better selection of produce(i can't jive with paying more for crappier produce, it's worth the drive). so i wonder how many times most people hit the grocery store for more than just one item? i found stats on what average families spend. i spend less a week than the average single person ($48) (but i don't buy red meat or alcohol so i'm probably still average) but if i go more than once a week i'll surely surpass the average. if you feel like sharing, how much grocery shopping do you do in a week? for curiosity's sake?

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Jennette Fulda said...

Hey, I was reading some of your old entries and thought I'd answer your question. I spend about $250 a month at the grocery, going maybe every week and a half. I guess that's about $62.50 a week. This is Indiana money. I don't know if things are more expensive or cheaper or cost the same in Maine.

I should also mention that I live with my mom and there are certain items I don't buy because I know she buys them too, like cheese and bagged salad. We used to end up with 3 bags of salad in the fridge, one of which would end up rotting before we could eat it. Other than that, I buy most of the food I eat.