10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ten pounds down!

i hit ten pounds lost this morning, and i can't believe it. especially after this weekend. i just realized it was a full ten pounds when i started to post. i was just so happy to be under the 188, but now i feel like a true weight loser hitting landmarks in my goal. i've been wondering a bit about my goal weight number. it was rather an arbitrary choice. near what the "official rules of weightiness" say i should weigh, but a bit on the high side for my height range. i think i just decided 150 would be a considerable amount of change and that would be a good start.

i started up my running again this morning. the best part of running in the morning is watching the sunrise over the ocean. it's a very hallmark card-esq kind of life affirming. i feel great about my life when i'm up early doing something i know i should be doing. and i was warm today so that was new. most mornings i'm warm enough, i just wear two sweatshirts over my t-shirt. but today i remembered the on sale workout shirt i bought at target last winter which i hadn't worn yet. damn, was that stupid. it was so warm and light. it's perfect for running, which is ofcourse why i bought it. and so i'm in love with it. i'm also in love with the minimizer bra i bought at lane bryant. i can run and nothing moves. lycra is a wonderful invention.

in other news i'm making wednesday the official weigh-in day. purely for the joy of alliteration. so the schedule will be set and whatever i weigh on wednesday morning will be what i go by for progress reports. how serious and exciting! along with the serious, i need to be more vigilant about planning meals. the first two weeks i used a calendar and planned meals for each lunch and dinner. this week and last i just sort of bought food that might make meals, some day, maybe. it's so stupid. i know i need to eat two decent meals everyday, breakfasts are taken care of, so why don't i buy the right food? frustrating. this week i bought salmon and chicken breasts and i'll probably have to pick up more of something for thursday and friday. or risk leaving myself to cook some of the hoardes of pasta in my house. so, wednesday weigh-ins and meal plans. and no chocolatey celebrations of the first ten pounds lost!

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