10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

it seems you aren't supposed to start running while on a low carb diet. hmmm. i do see their point, but i seriously doubt running for 9 minutes a week while on phase one is going to do me any harm. i've technically only got one more week so the carbs will be increasing as the running does. i've decided not to worry about it.

i've spent the day re-working my favorite recipes into smaller portions. i have this baking addiction. great for the boyfriend, bad for the thighs. the idea is if i bake less and put it all off on the boyfriend to take to work, proportionally less of it will be available for me to scarf.

i also realized that if weather allows the five hour car trip to see my family, i'm going to have to pack some carb free food. my family has this habit of eating pizza whenever we're together. i think it's because my dad is obsessed with feeding everyone something we'll all eat and pizza is the easiest option. everyone eats it including the kids. but i did not start this diet to be beaten by pizza on the first weekend so i'll have to plan ahead. there's always salad. but i have been planning to make my dad a chickpea and spinach dish (sauteed with a little olice oil, a lot of garlic, and topped with a little asiago cheese) for a while and it would work on the diet. i usually top pasta with it, but it's good on it's own too. if i carry no cash it'll be harder to buy traveling junkfood. sadly all those places have stupid credit card machines now, but fortunately i'm too embarrassed to have to charge one bagel that i should arrive unscathed. i'm sure it'll be alright, it's just given me something to be anxiety ridden over and i can't let a chance to be unnecessarily anxious pass me by! good lord.

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