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Monday, February 27, 2006

i'm so not allowed to bake cookies

the boyfriend, who incidentally weighs 140 lbs fully dressed and soaking wet, decided he was fat this weekend. he has the tiniest brimming of soft flesh over his jeans. and he says he's fat. so after i beat him and buried him in the backyard (digging is a great calorie burner), i baked him some cookies. i chose oatmeal chocolate chip so they'd be a little healthier and i cut down the sugar.* he couldn't tell the difference.**

i had a great cooking weekend besides the cookies. salt roasted salmon (not anyway near the restaurant version, but yummy) and pan roasted veggie quesadillas (wheat tortillas, south beach be damned). the exercise however was not so good. it was cold. and it was windy. i tried to run this morning to keep up the routine, really i tried. the temperature is reading 8 degrees right now(i can't look up the windchill because i won't be able to leave if i know how cold it is and i really have to take my lunch walk), 4 hours after i tried to go for a jog. i picked a point and i pushed myself to it (like i would if i was just tired of running) but i wasn't tired i just didn't want my ears to fall off.

we've been really lucky with the winter until now and therefor have no right to complain. i'm just kindof bummed that i didn't get any exercise this weekend except to run fullspeed from wind cover to wind cover. that's not good enough and i'm afraid i'll jump from the wagon of exercise and land in the well-catered wagon of excuses. damnit i'm worth more than that. and so at lunch time i will walk as far as i can. and when i get home i will ride my butt breaking bike, and i will not eat the rest of the cookies that the boyfriend wouldn't take so he wouldn't get fat.

i'm cooking chicken tacos for dinner, and salad with real strawberries for dessert. i haven't decided which part of the diet i'm still on. i'm cutting the carbs where i know i don't need them, but i had to buy the tortillas because they were on sale and i had a coupon and they were doubling the coupons that week(see previous entry). and the tacos are damned good. they're a little high in sodium but the fat is practically non-existant except for the cheese and they're full of veggies. and the tortillas were on sale, with a double coupon. surely it was an act of god that i eat the tacos. (and then i gave up writing and went back to work because you know you're on a bad path when you equate the divine with double coupons. hey look cookies...)

*made them a healthier version because i know i can't resist cookies, so if i was going to falter let it be a slightly more healthy treat.
**however, i trick him alot with food so he's beginning to be able to tell when i'm pulling something over on him. like the tiramisu(pre-diet), he hates cheese but no one doesn't like tiramisu so i just said it was cream until he admitted he liked it. evil evil woman.

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