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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

a house with stairs

i haven't gotten on the scale this week. i'm going to hold off until i start the diet again on saturday. well, i'm going to try. i've been walking for my whole lunch break every day and laying off the sugars.

the boyfriend has been more than happy to help me remember not to eat sugar. not sure how i feel about that. i know he's only doing it to be helpful and not because he thinks i'm too fat. but it still pisses me off. i need to practice not getting upset and eating a family serving of chocolate. fortunately he's been working on the ice cream in the freezer and it's dwindling. why i had so much ice cream in the freezer, i have no idea. i have this tendency to buy it because it's on sale whether i want it or not. i should go back to what i used to do and buy a small tub of haagen dazs when i REALLY want ice cream. it's too expensive to buy alot of and you don't end up with gallons of ice cream in your house.

clearly i'm thinking about sugars too much, writing about ice cream. i'm strengthening my resolve lately. do you want that chocolate or do you want a tiny ass? you choose. that's been helping me remember the impact of my choices. chocolate = fat ass. it's like one of newton's laws.

i've also been moving more. i hesitate to say exercise because what i really do is dance and jive in my living room in the dark. to the sound track of "rythym of the night" or whatever it's called. but i say, if it's making me sweat it's better than sitting around. i've been buying myself cd's of ridiculous dance music to keep myself interested in moving around. it's also great for cleaing the house. which i've looked up and cleaning can burn alot of calories. i find it vaguely pathetic that i can't do some chores without getting warm and breathing hard but if i keep cleaning it's got to get better. and the house will be shiny.

i've been finding myself really excited about moving in with the boyfriend, because his house has stairs. "just think how many calories you'd burn if you had to hot foot it up those stairs and down to get to the pantry?" i'm really excited about that. i'm less excited about his whole family having keys and how i could very easily be naked one time when they arrive. but i'm sure screaming burns calories too.

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