10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, October 03, 2011

"if you start seeing with your ears or whatnot...get to a doctor"

I really need to get my scale back.  Judging by how huge my engagement ring is I have lost one thousand pounds.  I really have to see if i can get it sized.  but then i might lost more weight.  and then i'd just have to do it again.  this is how i think, really.  That is how lazy I am.  there should be a study.

This weekend I baked everything in the whole world.  I made chicken soup and biscuits for my sick boyfriend, I made banana chocolate muffins, peanut butter biscuits for knox's birthday! and an apple pie.  The pie came out great, my crust recipe is really improved.  The peanut butter biscuits got no complaints from the doggies and knox was so eager to help me with the taste testing he ate four banana chip muffins with wrappers.  hopefully he doesn't have regrets about that.  I certainly do, they were really good and definitely not meant for doggies.

Matt and his dad agreed the soup came out well and matt's dad asked me an interesting question i've never thought about before.  how do I know it's good if i never taste it?  80% of the things I cook I never taste.  I've never eaten my own chicken soup or pot roast, beef stew or meatloaf.  I have no idea how they taste.  I remember what my mom's recipes taste like and I cook them the same way my mom did.  He asked me how I season things and i said I guessed and he laughed.  I suppose it's more like instinct that guessing.  I don't know if it's impressive that I can feed matt without tasting anything or if i'm missing huge areas I could learn and grow as a cook.  I guess there's not much I can do about it unless I go back to eating meat, I suppose I should just be happy matt is happy.  if I was a terrible cooker of meat I'm sure he'd take over.  or divorce me.

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