10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

" Look, you're angry again."

Because this is all I do anymore, pictures of things I want for the house that I probably can't afford.

These are a few of the big and small items we want to put in the house.  It strikes me I'm missing the claw foot tub, I'm shocked I don't have that bookmarked but it's probably the one thing we won't be using the interwebs to get, in some way or form.  The fridge and range are 50's models.  The woodstove is the vermont bun baker...a cooking woodstove I'm really looking forward to trying.

The faucets are things I'm looking for similar items, the door handle I really like and since we aren't going to need that many doors I'm going to spring for the real deal.  The pill box toilet is awesome and REALLY pricey so that might be a pipe dream, I also found kits to make any toilet a high tank water closet type toilet...you should've seen the MIL's face.

The porcelain shower head is cool but probably not what we'll go with...shower massage is not an heirloom technology.  The claw foot shower is seriously awesome and probably something we'll spring for because it's so unique and beautiful.  Next to the shower is a drawer and cabinet pull we saw on Burn Notice and loved, we're definitely going to find those!

Tate: Rolled Edge Door Set: Solid Brass, 7 FinishesColumbia Lavatory Bridge Faucet Set, 4-inch centersThames Widespread Lavatory Faucet, Brass Cross-Point Handles
Porcelain Pillbox ToiletPorcelain Shower Head Boomerang Drawer Pull: 3" Center-to-Center, Die-cast ZincClawfoot Package - 42-inch Cast Iron Shower Pan, Faucet, Shower enclosure - Strom Plumbing


The Merry said...

I dunno... that last one looks a bit scary to me. Don't know if I'd like being scared by plumbing fixtures first thing in the morning.
But then, I've never tried it so I can't say for sure.

Amy said...

scary really? you should see the antique rib cage showers...they're a little six feet under-esque.