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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my question was up at blogher and I screwed it up

I know, the link doesn't work.  My internet was down and I can't check these things at work so yeah, it fell into a black hole.  My question was "what would you give up to be green?" and I still don't know what anyone said because i can't figure out where it is.  That's what an awesome blogger I am.  

What would I give up?  It's a hard question given how little we have to actually give up.  When the power goes out is when I realize how very much I depend on electricity so that's the one thing I try to be conscious of when I use it.  We've been working extra hard to keep lights off and make the most of the long hours of sunlight.  I keep all my electronics on strips with on/off switches and turn them off at night and during the day when we're not home.  It's a pain in the butt turning every thing off but it saves resources and dollars on the bill.  

In the way of things I actually give up, hmm I try really hard not to use plastic bags or buy bottled water.  We use rain water to water our plants and give our well a break.  A commenter is giving up paper towels which is awesome.  We use paper napkins and I try really hard to use towels to clean up spills (which allows me to buy all the adorable cupcake printed towels i see) but my boyfriend loves paper so we're working on that.


pinky pinkerson said...

clicked on the link - it never resolved. what was your question?

The Merry said...

Is it gone for good? Will we never get a chance to click on it? :(

Unknown said...

i give up papertowels