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Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Full Frontal Nerdity"

I don't actually have anything nerdy to talk about.  I'm sure the new iphone would be a great topic but I have an old one and it's the only phone I haven't killed in under a year so I'm keeping it until the end of time or when I actually succeed at breaking it.  The new ones are awesomer and fasterer but they're also plastic-y-er instead of Amy approved metal and seriously the number of times I've dropped that sucker on concrete and on rocks and in puddles...it's a trooper.

Today I had to go to Bar Harbor to get some domestic partnership papers signed with Matt and then we ate cake so it was almost like getting married, except cheaper.  Then I took my dogs for a walk in the park where they had a very good time despite the persistent diarrhea.  Nothing makes me feel like a bigger asshole than when my dogs get sick.  They can't tell me they're sick, not without bodily fluids, and I just feel terrible taking them out on the town and finding out they don't feel good.  BAD MOMMY!


carla said...

ok I LAUGHED HARD at the dog part---as I can so relate.

My bullmastiff was mansized (160) and when that happened to me---which it did all the time with him---I was so freakin embarrassed :)


Amy said...

i doubt there is a creature on earth which takes diarrhea so well as a dog, they looked just as happy before and after, it's a digestive miracle.