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Friday, May 21, 2010

"You're not the manager, even in your own fantasy?"

This week has been crazy, Matt has been home for two days this week and you wouldn't believe how little I get done having a boy around. Jolie, however, has had a busy week smelling porcupines and getting almost 20 new and exciting quills in her nose. It was the best, I loved pulling them all out with tweezers and pliers while she looked at us like we were killing her slowly. It was hard and sad and I really hope she learned everything she'll ever need to know about porcupines.

I am learning more about sparkpeople and it turns out that when you tell it you walk five miles a day you get more calories and also very different meal choices on their meal plan (which I can't help but look at even though it's crazy...like staring at the sun). The meals make marginally more sense with more calories and it seems less like someone spun a wheel of low cal food and picked things with their eyes closed, and also that person had tourrettes, but yeah they do better when they have more calories to work with. I get to eat awesome things I couldn't eat last week when I wasn't honest with sparkpeople, when you share your true feelings with sparkpeople they let you have vanilla frozen yogurt...like a parent might after a frank discussion. I'm still not sure how you eat a yogurt, a granola bar, carrots and 1 tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese...do you mix the cheese into the yogurt...melt it over the carrots...I just don't know.

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